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Angela Sweeting (Executive Principal)

Grasmere Road, Oldham, Lancashire OL4 1NG


Welcome to Year 1



Miss Falconer (1HF) and Miss Philburn (1EP)

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Noor (1:1 support in 1EP) and Mrs Koppera (1HF)

Term: Autumn 1

What will we be learning about in this half term?

English: We will been reading "Lost in the Toy Museum" and will be developing our comprehension and inference skills.

We will focus on fiction writing and describing the toys in the story.

Reading: We are currently enjoying a variety of books in the classroom,

reading our own personal reading books and also taking part in daily whole class reading sessions.

Maths: We will be learning to count sets of objects to 10, understand addition and subtraction, measure length, height, weight and capacity,

tell and record the time, count and solve problems with money and use positional language and directions.

Science: We will be learning about Our Bodies this half term.

We will be identifying and naming our body parts and functions. We will be focusing on our 5 senses.

Humanities: Our current topic is "All aboard!"

We will be focusing on history and old/new toys. 

We had a visit from Portland Basin Museum on Friday 28th September and we learnt lots about Victorian toys.

We discussed the difference between Victorian toys and today's toys and had a go at playing some old fashioned games. 

To see our Curriculum Map for this topic, click here!



Music: We will be learning a variety of songs of different styles and beginning to use percussion instruments. 

Computing: We will be exploring Apps on our new iPads and learning how to use them to:

research, write notes and record information about Victorian toys.

Art/DT: We will be painting and using a variety of media to create portraits.

What can you do to improve your learning at home?

English: Practise using your writing skills, writing words and sentences about a journey that you may have been on.

Reading: Read your reading book every day with a family member and ask them to sign your reading record so that we know you have read your book. You can also read other texts such as magazines and newspapers at home.

Maths: Practise recognising numbers to 100 and writing them. You could also practise counting in 2's, 5's and 10's to 100.

Science: Have a look around the house and think about what you use your senses for at home.

Humanities: While you are at home or out and about, you could draw a map of where you have been and what you saw.

Music: You could listen to different types of music and practice keeping the pulse by clapping, tapping or clicking and learning the lyrics to songs.

Computing: Use technology outside of school, such as a computer, laptop, iPad, apps and play age-appropriate games.

Art/DT: You can draw/paint pictures of the signs of Autumn that you see during this half-term.

You could also use materials to make something you can use.


Homework is to be completed by Wednesday every week. This homework will be marked promptly and then set every Friday.

A record will be kept of the children who are / are not completing their homework and this will be discussed at Parent's Evenings.

Children who complete all of their homework for the half-term will be congratulated and receive a certificate and prize for their efforts.


Year 1 have PE every week.

1EP have PE every Monday and Wednesday.

1HS have PE every Monday and Tuesday.

Please bring in your PE kit at the start of every half-term and leave it in school until the last day of term.

The PE kit consists of a white polo shirt, navy or black shorts or leggings and black PE pumps that are all clearly labelled with your name and your class and kept in a small drawstring bag.