Clarksfield Primary School

Learning together to build a brighter future

Learning together to build a brighter future


Jane Ashley (Acting Head)

Grasmere Road, Oldham, Lancashire OL4 1NG

Welcome to Year 2



Mrs Charles, Mr Kingsley and Miss Money

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Khokar and Mrs Begum

What will we be learning about in this half term?


This half term we are reading the story 'The Little Red Hen'. We will be writing narratives, descriptive writing, instructions and non-chronological reports.

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We will be continuing to develop our reading through our own individual reading books and taking part in guided reading sessions. We also have a class story which we read at least once a day.


We will be practicing place value, addition and subtraction including missing number problems, shape and length and weight. We will also be doing a mental maths test every Monday morning.


Our science topic is 'Living, Dead or Never Alive'. We will be looking at different objects and using our scientific knowledge to decide whether they are alive, not alive or never alive. We will also be looking at how animals, including humans grow and age throughout their lives and what living things need in order to stay alive. 


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This term we will be studying 'The Great Fire of London'. We will be thinking about the questions we would like to find the answers to, studying Tudor houses, learning the rhyme 'London's Burning' and much more!

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We are following the charanga scheme of work for music. We will be continuing to learn about rhythm, pulse, tempo, dynamics and texture of music. We will also be learning to play some songs on the glockenspiels.


In computing we are continuing to learn about coding using the iPads to move a character around the screen. We will also be using laptops and the iPads for research to support our learning across the curriculum.


We are looking at line this half term in Art. We will be practicing different types of line and finally creating a line drawing of a Tudor house using the techniques that we have developed throughout the half term. 


What can you do to improve your learning at home?

English: Learn your spellings each week, complete your homework, practice your handwriting, common exception words and contraction words.

Reading: Read your reading book every night to a grown up and ask them to sign your reading diary. Visit the library and choose books that you find interesting to read in your spare time.

Maths:  Practice your times tables and number bonds to 100. Find halves, quarters and thirds of a number at home. You could also have a go at finding some weights on items of food in the kitchen or try measuring how big things are around the house.



Homework is given half termly. There are 12 challenges to choose from, your child needs to complete on maths challenge and one English challenge each week. Homework is due in on Thursday at the latest.


Sometimes homework will also be set on I Am Learning. Your child should know their I Am Learning login details. If they have lost them please speak to a member of staff.

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Year 2 have PE once a week.

2KM have PE on a Tuesday and 2EC have PE on a Friday.

Please bring in your PE kit at the start of every half-term and leave it in school until the last day of term.

The PE kit consists of a white polo shirt, navy or black shorts or leggings and black PE pumps that are all clearly labelled with your name and your class and kept in a small drawstring bag.

What exciting things have we been up to?

Fire Service Visit

We were very lucky to have a visit from some members of the fire service who came to teach us about fire safety. We got to have a look at all of their equipment, had a really close look at the fire engine and everyone got to have a go at spraying water with their hose. They even put their lights and sirens on for us!


Now that we have seen what fire equipment looks like today, we will be using this to help us with our learning about The Great Fire of London and compare the equipment they used to fight the fire then to the equipment that is used today.