Clarksfield Primary School

Learning together to build a brighter future

Learning together to build a brighter future


Jane Ashley (Acting Head)

Grasmere Road, Oldham, Lancashire OL4 1NG

Welcome to Year 4



 Miss Borkin- Assistant Head, Lower Key Stage 2 Leader, (4LB) 

Mrs Rania- Class Teacher (4SR) 

Miss Heptonstall- Class Teacher (4JA)

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs. Cassin (Learning Mentor) 

Mrs. Kauser (TA4) 

Mrs. Gilligan (TA4) 

Miss Kelly (TA) 

Mrs. Shah (TA) 

Miss Andrew (TA) 

Miss Sultana (TA) 

What will we be learning about in this half term?


This half term are writing a range of poetry, persuasive letters and legends.



This half term year 4 will be reading ‘Outlaw’ by Michael Morpurgo.  In this story Robin Hood, seeks justice and defeats the Sheriff of Nottingham.


*Converting between different units of time.

*converting between different units of measurement

*add and subtract numbers with up to 4 digits using the formal written methods of columnar addition and subtraction where appropriate

* estimate and use inverse operations to check answers to a calculation

* solve addition and subtraction two-step problems in contexts, deciding which operations and methods to use and why

*finding fractions of amounts

We will continue to use and apply throughout the half term.


Classifying Living Things.

In this topic we will be looking at how living things can be grouped in different ways.  We will also be exploring and using classification keys.



This term in History we will be learning about The Normans. 

We will be looking at why they built so many castles, who William the Conqueror was, the Battle of Hastings and the Bayeux Tapestry.  We will also be looking at the Domesday Book and how Britain changed as a result of the Norman conquest.


In RE we will be learning about Judaism and how Jews show their commitment to god.


What can you do to improve your learning at home?

English: Please make sure that your child learns their spellings each week.  Ask them to keep a diary of what they do each day.  Make sure that they are punctuating their sentences correctly and using interesting description.  Ask them to use a range of conjunctions to join their ideas together.

Reading: Please ensure that you listen to your child read as often as you can and make sure they bring their Reading Book into school each day.

Maths: Please keep practicing times tables and related division facts up to 12 x 12.


Homework is given every Friday and needs to be completed and returned to school by Wednesday.  Each week English, Maths and Spellings are set.  Homework will sometimes be set using the online programme 'i am learning'


Both year 4 classes have PE on a Tuesday afternoon.  This half term they are playing 'striking and fielding' games. 

4JA have swimming each Monday afternoon and 4SR have swimming on a Thursday afternoon.

Please ensure that they come to school with the correct kit on these days. 

What exciting things have we been up to?