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Angela Sweeting (Executive Principal)

Grasmere Road, Oldham, Lancashire OL4 1NG

Welcome to Year 5


Teachers:  Mrs Malik (5DM) and Mr Ajmal (5NS)

Teaching Assistants: Miss Yates, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Akhtar & Miss Eastmond

Homework: Homework is set on a Friday and needs to be completed and returned to school the following Wednesday

PE:  PE is on a Thursday (for 5NS) and Friday (for 5DM) so please remember to send your children in with their PE Kits. Currently, the children are taking part in karate sessions every Friday.

What can you do to improve your learning at home?

English: Practice a variety of sentence types e.g. BOYS, de:de, use of a subordinate clause at the start of a sentence. This will help to improve your sentence structure. Reading good quality books will also help to improve your vocabulary and imagination. Finally, practise spellings.

Reading: listen to your child read (daily), explain unfamiliar words, use a dictionary/thesaurus, read to your child 


Science: exercise, eat healthy, healthy snacks, brush their teach and personal hygiene

Humanities: Any extra research of interesting facts will make sure that you make excellent progress in Humanities.

Music: When listening to music on the radio, in the car or at home think about what instruments are being used


What will we be learning about in this half term?

English:  this half term, we will be basing all of our work on our current novel: 'The Time Travelling Cat and The Egyptian Goddess.' Through this text the children will be producing persuasive texts (leaflets and brochures) as well as adventure stories.

Reading:  to retrieve, record and present information from non-fiction, exploring the meaning of words in context, drawing inferences and justifying inferences with evidence, predict what might happen from details stated and implied, summarise the main ideas drawn from more than one paragraph.

Maths:  this half term we will be covering the following topics: Place value (rounding numbers), measures (metric and imperial units), Fractions, percentages and decimals, Measures involving scaling and decimal notations.

Science:  Topic:  Forces

We will be discussing and investigating forces such as: gravity, friction, air resistance, water resistance and mechanisms.


Humanities:  this half term, the Learning Challenge Curriculum is all about Ancient Egypt.

RE: How can we discover the wonders of Ancient Egypt?

PE:  this half term, the children will be learning key skills and tactics by taking part in net, court and wall games.

Art/DT: How can we all go Strictly come Egyptian Dancing? Children will attempt at answering the question: 'How can you recreate the wonders of the pyramid?'