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Angela Sweeting (Executive Principal)

Grasmere Road, Oldham, Lancashire OL4 1NG

Clarksfield Interim Executive Board (IEB)


On the 13th June 2017, an Interim Executive Board (IEB) replaced the existing Governing Body. The purpose of the IEB is to have oversight of and drive forward the school's improvement. The IEB consists of a small group of very experienced people who have worked in and with schools and their communities. The IEB members are as follows:-

Chair of IEB:

Mrs Jane Brierley

Appointed on 13th June 2017

Mrs Brierley has worked as a Senior Leader in Oldham Schools since 1995. She has considerable leadership experience as a Head Teacher of an outstanding school and education consultant. She has worked with the Local Authority(LA) in a school improvement role as an accredited School Improvement Partner (SIP), led on succession planning and has worked as a consultant Head Teacher in two schools, alongside her own, in challenging circumstances. She is currently the Oldham Schools' Alliance Early Years Hub Chair. She sits on the Early Years Childcare Board working with the LA to improve Early Years outcomes for Oldham. She was part of the Oldham School Improvement Model Working Party. She has worked as an Ofsted Additional Inspector. As a National Leader of Education leading a National Support School, Mrs Brierley has and continues to work with schools facing challenge and causing concern in Oldham and other LAs. Mrs Brierley's particular areas of expertise are in school leadership and management, Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Key Stage 1 (KS1) and English as an Additional Language (EAL).

Other IEB Members: 

Mrs Helen Arya

Appointed 13th June 2017

Mrs Ayra is currently the Executive Principal of Oasis Academy Limeside and National Teaching School, and is a National Leader of Education. She has experience of leadership in primary, secondary, pre-school, university phases and participation in the National College for Teaching and Learning (NCTL) fellowship programme on government reform. Mrs Arya has experience of participation in and subject of national and international research publications on organisations performing beyond expectations and community/social/professional capital (with Hargreaves, Senge et al). She has recently completed research work with Her Majesty's Inspectorate (HMI) on secondary readiness. Mrs Arya has previously been a lead English teacher and a leader of hubs for Initial Teacher Education; Raising Early Attainment in Literacy; Curriculum and pedagogical design. She led the most recent school out of special measures into two consecutive outstanding in all areas judgement. Mrs Arya is Director of the local third sector community hub and member of the housing association committee and has worked closely with the LA as a member of IEBs. Mrs Arya joined Oasis as a convertor academy in 2011 and has supported primary schools in the sponsored academy route. Her Teaching School works in the areas of maths mastery, school direct, early years, school improvement, governor development, coaching, raising attainment with middle leaders and great classrooms.

Ms Jenny Christopher

Appointed 13th June 2017

Ms Christopher is a qualified teacher who has worked in Oldham in a variety of roles for over 16 years. Her initial work with schools focused on English as an Additional Language (EAL) achievement, diversity, equality and community cohesion, where she worked directly with children, parents, community groups and education staff from classroom practitioner to leadership level. Ms Christopher contributed to the production of a range of Oldham based published resources for schools and Oldham Council which included advice and guidance to support the race equality and community cohesion, supporting international new arrivals and meeting the needs of EAL learners. The achievement and performance of EAL, vulnerable groups and community cohesion are integral to her current role as a Schools and Learning Settings Performance Adviser. Ms Christopher is also the Oldham Council representative for Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE).

Mrs Helen Lockwood

Appointed 13th June 2017

Mrs Lockwood is Executive Director for Economy, Skills and Neighbourhoods for Oldham Council. The role comprises Education and Early Years, Regeneration, Environmental Services and Skills. She has over 20 years' experience working in the public sector. In addition, Mrs Lockwood has held a number of senior positions and prior to working for Oldham Council was a Local Authority Chief Executive. She has extensive leadership experience and has held various Board Director roles including a School Governor role. In her last role as Chief Executive, Mrs Lockwood was also part of a multi-agency team which developed an Early Help offer working with Health, Early Years and the Local Authority Commissioners. Her areas of expertise range from financial, operational and people management, demonstrating a varied portfolio and one that works well with partners.

Mr Michael Booth

Appointed 13th June 2017

Mr Booth is a local businessman and previous puil of Royton and Crompton School. Mr Booth is the owner of Booth's Garden Centre in Royton and has been a Finance Committee Chair and Vice-Chair of a Governing body for many years. Mr Booth is now a Local Leader of Governance (LLG) supporting other Governing Bodies.

IEB Meetings 2017-18

Minutes of IEB meetings

Please click on the links below to see the non-confidential minutes from IEB meetings that have been signed and approved as accurate:

Minutes of IEB meeting 13.6.17.

Minutes of IEB meeting 5.7.17.

Minutes of IEB meeting 14.7.17.

Minutes of IEB meeting 26.9.17.

Minutes of IEB meeting 17.10.17.

Minutes of IEB meeting 8.11.17.

Minutes of IEB meeting 8.1.18.

Minutes of IEB meeting 8.2.18.

Minutes of IEB meeting 22.3.18.

Minutes of IEB meeting 6.6.18. 


Additional Information (regarding Governing Body pre-13th June 2017)

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Meeting attendance

Minutes (16th March 2017)

Minutes (8th March 2017)

Minutes (7th February 2017)

Minutes (17th November 2016)

Minutes (2nd May 2017)

Minutes (11th May 2017)


Board Members' pecuniary interests are formally declared and monitored at each meeting.

Board Members' Current Pecuniary Interests - 

Mr Michael Booth - IEB member at Royton & Crompton School

Mr Michael Booth - Governor at Royton Hall Primary School