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Angela Sweeting (Executive Principal)

Grasmere Road, Oldham, Lancashire OL4 1NG

Parent View

Parent View asks parents for their opinion on 12 aspects of their child’s school, from the quality of teaching, to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour.

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Parent Feedback

If a parent/carer is unhappy about something or has any concerns about anything to do with the school, they should communicate this to school staff as soon as possible.

If a parent has a complaint regarding SEND they should contact the SENDCO (Miss Lauren Borkin) in the first instance. For any other issue, parents should discuss any concerns with the class teacher first. Most concerns or issues can be addressed informally at this stage. Teachers are available for informal discussions at the end of the school day or by appointment.

If any issue remains unresolved, parents should arrange an appointment with the Assistant Headteacher of their child's key stage. If it is difficult to discuss a matter with the class teacher, an appointment should be made directly with the Assistant Headteacher.

The Assistant Headteacher will investigate any concerns raised and inform the parent of their findings. In most cases, the issue will have been resolved by this stage. However, if parents are still unhappy, they can speak with the Deputy Headteacher  as the next step and then a formal complaint in writing addressed to the Headteacaher.

If all the above stages fail to resolve the issue, parents should make a formal complaint in writing addressed to the chair of the Interim Executive Board (IEB). The IEB is responsible for acknowledging, investigating and responding to such formal complaints about the school. Further details are available in the school’s Complaint Procedure or available by request from the main office.

Our School's Parent Survey

We consult parents on a range of important issues. Consultation can happen informally, on the playground, or formally through a written survey. We also canvass views via our parents' group, Friends' of Clarksfield.

The views of parents and carers are important in helping us offer the best possible service, and in helping to shape the future direction of the school..

Parent Survey, March 2018

Thank you to those 138 families who completed questionnaires.  We think greater use of social media and the use ICT will further increase the response rate next year.  

In every single category, positive percentages rose – in some cases quite significantly.  Bearing in mind this year’s challenges, I am particularly heartened and encouraged. As always, the school will work extremely hard to address any issues arising from this year’s questionnaire.